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Software Development and Consulting

Software can be complex, it takes a board range of skills to develop truly unique and high quality apps. With more than 15yrs of software development experience in many industries we can help bring your idea to reality or solve the special component requirements you need for your project.

Key Technology Experience

Expert level development for major platforms, our languages of choice are C\C++, C#, JAVA, and to keep things interesting Javascript,Objective C, and more.

Strong Game development and Graphic programming.
OpenGL, DirectX, cocos2d-x, 2D and 3D

Need to call C++ from JAVA or C# or ?

One of our most common types of projects is provided other developers specialist services when they don’t have the time or experience to do the hard stuff. Call a function in another library written in another language? Getting 32bit and 64bit code working together or porting? We can help. 

Cross platform, upgrading old applications to latest API’s. We’ve been around a while and seen it all, legacy MFC, Win32, COM, we can work with your existing systems and effectively enhance and upgrade with the latest technologies and design patterns.


Games and Business
iOS, Android, Windows Phone


Expert WPF, WinRT, XAML
MFC, Win32


Cloud services
AWS, Azure


Connect your API’s


Social Games, Casino
Facebook, Mobile and Desktop
Free to play and Regulated


Bring your store online
Shopify Partner

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