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One widow playing cards

Some cool designs on the age old playing cards. Check them out, makes a great xmas idea. More apps and poker related software is in development so stay tuned!


one widow playing cards

NSIS – KillProc doesn’t work with 64 bit processes

I am a fan of NSIS . I use it for most of my projects, its simple and quick to get up and running. (MSI is such a headache!) One of it’s problems is lack of a native 64 bit installer. This leads to some unexpected problems on 64 bit installations. I build a lot of shell extensions. Typically you want to restart explorer.exe once the installation has completed. There are a number of existing plugins for NSIS that provide this ability. But none of them will work on a 64 bit OS because explorer.exe is a 64 bit process and the installer is a 32 bit process.

So to get around this I have rewritten the commonly used KillProc plugin for NSIS, but internally it uses WMI. WMI uses a lot of COM objects to get the job done, and they do not suffer the same restrictions and re-directions that the standard 32 bit Win32 API calls experience.

Get a copy here, with source <download>

Just put the dll in your NSIS plugins directory and you should be able to use it just like the existing KillProc plugin.

All Code is freely provided, no guarantees or warranties about its quality, use at your own risk.

Getting it rolling

Kicking off with the first post, Why another blog? I continually find myself searching the internet, reading articles and other blogs for valuable programming related information. Often about complex hard to find code that saves me a lot of time and you can never rely on MSDN to have enough examples to thoroughly explain the API’s. So I plan to post information about programming topics, code snippets maybe some tutorials. All about projects I am working on or areas of interest. This is going to cover a large area including C\C++, C#, Win32 API’s, WinForms, WPF, COM\ATL, OpenGL, 3D programming, graphics, animation, games, new platforms I am working with like iphone and android and any other areas that come my way.

Hopefully the information will be useful to other developers. All source code I post here will be freely available for re-use.

One of the best sources for code I have found over the years is http://www.codeproject.com. I recommend all developers (especially windows) to bookmark it.

Jared Allen.
Software Engineer, Chironex Software