WPF to Silverlight porting…

My biggest WTF moment so far with silverlight.. there is no Visibility.Hidden enum value.

So much for reusing all those valueconverters.. oh the pain!

namespace System.Windows
    // Summary:
    //     Specifies the display state of an element.
    public enum Visibility
        // Summary:
        //     Display the element.
        Visible = 0,
        // Summary:
        //     Do not display the element, and do not reserve space for it in layout.
        Collapsed = 1,

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  1. 9:49 pm, April 30, 2012Lola 

    Ironically, I asked that same question ragerding Microsoft using WPF for their own applications, at a local Partner meeting as well. The response I was given, was that it takes a huge commitment to re-write those systems (Office etc.). I can understand that, however from an ISV perspective it’s been clear that WPF has in fact be dead for quite some time.I am a big proponent of Silverlight, in fact I’ve sept time and effort championing it in the attempt to get it accepted as an approved standard at an Enterprise where I work during the day. Unfortunately, I can see that all of the HTML5 rhetoric is having a noticeable effect. Case in point, for new products, the Product Leadership in this particular Enterprise is considering abandoning the RIA technologies for HTML5. All so that their clients can view their products on an iPad.Quite an eye-opener for me!

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