Getting it rolling

Kicking off with the first post, Why another blog? I continually find myself searching the internet, reading articles and other blogs for valuable programming related information. Often about complex hard to find code that saves me a lot of time and you can never rely on MSDN to have enough examples to thoroughly explain the API’s. So I plan to post information about programming topics, code snippets maybe some tutorials. All about projects I am working on or areas of interest. This is going to cover a large area including C\C++, C#, Win32 API’s, WinForms, WPF, COM\ATL, OpenGL, 3D programming, graphics, animation, games, new platforms I am working with like iphone and android and any other areas that come my way.

Hopefully the information will be useful to other developers. All source code I post here will be freely available for re-use.

One of the best sources for code I have found over the years is I recommend all developers (especially windows) to bookmark it.

Jared Allen.
Software Engineer, Chironex Software

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