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NSIS – KillProc doesn’t work with 64 bit processes

I am a fan of NSIS . I use it for most of my projects, its simple and quick to get up and running. (MSI is such a headache!) One of it’s problems is lack of a native 64 bit installer. This leads to some unexpected problems on 64 bit installations. I build a lot of shell extensions. Typically you want to restart explorer.exe once the installation has completed. There are a number of existing plugins for NSIS that provide this ability. But none of them will work on a 64 bit OS because explorer.exe is a 64 bit process and the installer is a 32 bit process.

So to get around this I have rewritten the commonly used KillProc plugin for NSIS, but internally it uses WMI. WMI uses a lot of COM objects to get the job done, and they do not suffer the same restrictions and re-directions that the standard 32 bit Win32 API calls experience.

Get a copy here, with source <download>

Just put the dll in your NSIS plugins directory and you should be able to use it just like the existing KillProc plugin.

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